Urban development: French expertise and Grand Paris exported to Russia

At the St. Petersburg International Forum, Andrei Tchibis, Russian Deputy Minister in charge of Construction and Urban Services and Alexandre Missoffe, Director General of the Greater Paris Investment Agency (Paris-Ile de France Capitale Economique, or PCE) signed an agreement on 25 May 2018 to mobilise the expertise of players in the Grand Paris project to support the development of pilot cities in the Russian Federation

The day after the cooperation agreement was signed, Christian Nibourel and Alexandre Missoffe, respectively President and Director General of PCE, could not conceal their satisfaction. “ […] exporting the savoir-faire of the main players in the Grand Paris project – this is something we have dreamed of […],” Alexandre Missoffe said.

The agreement, announced on 25 May, will see Russia’s Federal Ministry for Construction and Urban Services and PCE work together, firstly on a diagnosis of specific issues facing the pilot territories.


President of Tatarstan, Rustan Minnikhanov and Minister Iksander Ioussoupov, with Carole Sorreau (InVivo), Willem Coppolse (Engie), Alexandre Nekrassov (CFREE) and Alexandre Missoffe, Paris-Ile de France Capitale Economique delegation members. ©PCE

PCE will then set up mixed teams whose skills and talents match the specific issues identified as facing the chosen pilot territories. PCE will also propose strategic orientations, plans of action and technical solutions. The Samara Region and the city of Tolyatti have been selected as the sites where this programme of cooperation will launch.

Grand Paris makers

The Russian Federal Ministry of Construction and Urban Services is working, in effect, to formalise a set of good practice and support procedures for metropolitan areas in the Russian Federation. The good practice and support platform for “[….] future cities” has identified five priority areas: smart municipal services; innovative infrastructure; city planning; mobility, and “[….] comfortable cities [….]”. 21 pilot towns in Russia have signed up to voluntarily host and develop the innovations proposed by the programmes.

Etienne Guyot, directeur general of CCI-Paris Ile de France, and Alexandre Missoffe, with Victoria Kushpeleva and Sacha Nekrassov. © PCE

The agreement was signed the day after the visit of a PCE delegation – organised in conjunction with the Franco-Russian Centre for Energy Efficiency – to attend the St. Petersburg International Forum. “ […] During this event, the delegation was able to engage in very high quality and high level dialogue with the President of Tatarstan and local authorities in Kazan, Samara, Tolyatti, Moscow and St. Petersburg”, Alexandre Missoffe explained.

With the planet having passed the point, in 2015, of 500 cities numbering over a million inhabitants and imminently at which the citizens of these cities will account for 70  % of the world’s population, the way in which cities organise themselves and determine how they will function constitutes a challenge faced by all countries, recalls the PCE.


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