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Urban Utopia is an independent media published by JGPmedia. Our subscribers receive access to our website, a weekly e-newsletter and a quarterly printed magazine. Features include :

  • A weekly round-up of the latest news from across the world in urban planning, construction and sustainable development, plus transport and urban services ;
  • Information about projects led by France’s urban engineering and smart city champions  ;
  • Special reports and investigations on the transition to sustainable urban development and habitats ;
  • Coverage from towns and cities where the future of sustainable living is being created.

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Editorial team:

Jacques Paquier: managing editor – editor-in-chief – training manager / jpaquier [at] urbanutopia.eu

Raphaël Richard: deputy editor/ rrichard [at] urbanutopia.eu

Marie Bidault: associate editor/ mbidault [at] lejournaldugrandparis.fr

Fabienne Proux: editor – urban planning and development / fproux [at] urbanutopia.eu

Catherine Bernard: contributor

Grégoire Mérot: contributor / gmerot [at] lejournaldugrandparis.fr

Lina Trabelsi: contributor / ltrabelsi [at] lejournaldugrandparis.fr

Yoanna Sallese: contributor / ysallese [at] lejournaldugrandparis.fr

Michèle Cataldi: copy editor


Yamina Sahraoui: Accounts Manager 06 73 87 75 85 / ysahraoui [at] jgpmedia.fr

Contact : 

Editorial: contact [at] urbanutopia.eu

Tel : (+ 33) 1 43 38 16 09

Commercial services and subscriptions:  contact [at] urbanutopia.eu

Tel: (+33) 1 43 55 83 60


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